Switch Licker (gabrielconroy) - Ruffle

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Initially, I tried doing a track on similar lines to clingfilm portent's (very good) effort, stylistically, but that didn't get very far. Then I thought about using the same chord progression at the end of his track, but couldn't get any of my versions to sound as cool, so I panned that, too. Eventually I ended up using the stems, or sampled bits of the mp3, to make pieces of percussion, some of the bass (which in places is slowed down or pitched down parts of the previous track) and incidental noises. The ambient washout at the end is where you can hear various earlier versions that I'd written over and rearranged a few times, under the synth. I like that there are sketches, and echoes of clingfilm's track bubbling away under the surface of my own for pretty much the entirety. Anyway, thanks everyone and see you again in 2028.


from HA HA TAPE 3, released December 13, 2015



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